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International Virtual School London

Educational methods, like any other field, should evolve, transcend boundaries and become a catalyst for social progress. The right kind of education should bypass the setbacks of the present and lay out a path for the future. IVSL is a modern-day virtual school where all the concerns of the traditional school system are bridged through scientifically laid out future-oriented virtual methods.  

Schooling should be all about passion-oriented learning, where learners should build a rapport with the subjects, where they should discover themselves, through carefully crafted international methods IVSL yields the results. The modern age demands multicultural exposure for students; an international classroom with teachers and students from different parts of the world will address this requirement. Here, we have scientifically crafted a virtual education system that will transcend the horizons of the schooling system we have witnessed so far. In short, IVSL stems from an idea, a vision to encompass education with all its meaning, where it should branch out into the future through hybrid means, an idea that will summon the future of education to your fingertips. 

To ingrain conceptual-based learning in students that will supplement in developing curiosity, humanity, and social responsibility.

To inculcate global perspectives in learners through international methods and Individual focus

What makes IVSL different?

Educational methods should be vibrant, evolving, and definitely out-of-the-ordinary. Your children deserve international exposure with their education. IVSL crafts the idea on a whole different level.

A virtual classroom where your children can learn and interact with teachers and students from different parts of the world, in the literal sense, it’s education that evolves.

The IVSL Features


Education that Evolves




Transparent-Quality Education


International Indian Curriculum


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Where do we come in?

New-Age Education

Traditional methods have limitations, a complete classroom bypasses the boundaries, it's education is tailored for you.

Flexible & Transparent

At an age where flexibility in education is much needed, we combine that with a transparent system of education.

Personalized Learning

Individual attention to every student, more care and more personalized, such a system would definitely bring in results.

Dedicated Faculty

Having a teacher to give you their best to bring the best out of you, that’s exactly where our team drops in.


What Student Say

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