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Yes! We Know! You Might Have Questions!

Don’t worry, we have it covered!

By being completely virtual, we break many boundaries of education. We are an international virtual school that’s entirely future oriented, flexible and transparent.

Yes! The certificates and education will be more than valid. Moreover, your child is receiving an international quality education from the comfort of your home, that’ll definitely be a plus point in the life ahead.

Not at all. In fact, we are much more affordable than any other traditional schools without  compromising a bit on the quality of the education.

Yes! IVSL is accredited with IAO (International Accreditation Organization)

We follow the International Indian Syllabus followed in many middle-eastern countries.

The student will get the marksheet and Transfer Certificate upon the completion of the academic year to ensure a smooth transfer from IVSL to the school of your choice for further schooling.

Yes! It’s more like IVSL is much more advanced than a physical school. In recent years, we have figured out the limitations with our schooling system and IVSL bypasses the same limitations. And for sure, once your child graduates from IVSL, they can be enrolled in the school of your choice for further studies

  • Flexible and transparent education
  • No transport, uniform and dining charges
  • Teachers from an international background, hence added exposure.
  • Flexible learning also means recorded classes, which makes revision literally more effective.
  • Individual spaces for every child instead of becoming a part of the rat race outside. Every child will be given the time and space to go forward at their own pace. 
  • Holistic development of the child rather than just sticking to mere academia.

Not really, we are a virtual school that follows Indian International Syllabus while innovating with the idea of traditional schooling. It’s a flexible system of education for students and parents who demand for flexible learning. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to do a more advanced form of schooling than just mundane academia. 

IVSL plans on making a difference with schooling. By strategically bypassing the limitations of traditional schooling, we have come up with an international and innovative solution for learners, a flexible and transparent virtual schooling system. 

We are here to make a difference with education, the kind of difference that has an impact. Education, we believe, should evolve. IVSl aids as a catalyst for the same evolution through our carefully crafted scientific methods in education.

Other Questions

Absolutely! Once you enroll, we’ll courier all the materials to the students’ address at the  earliest itself.

Yes! Moreover, we’ll look over the admission process to see if your child gets the best  school for further studies.

It simply means that the parent will get to observe the progress of your child and every single detail about it will be available online for the parent to analyse. This further means, education with value.

With our structure, we’ll be trying to unfold the child by ingraining the right amount of skills. Through vibrant methods, the student here will be learning skill sets to spear ahead in life without just limiting to academia.

Easier done than said. Click here for easy enrollment.

Conceptual-based learning method. The method followed here tries to make the learning process more of an experience  based learning. Through concepts and real-life situations, the idea is to make an impact on the child through the process. Which in turn will stay with the learner even after the learning process.

100% Yes! We’ll be conducting inter-class and intra-class programs planned on bringing the best in the learner. Our programs will include international guests, virtual cultural events and many other exciting programs to keep the learner engaged with the learning experience.

Our team will be providing age-appropriate book suggestions to students so that parents could buy it for them. Moreover, we are working on a digital library for our students to access.

Though that won’t be possible because of the medium opted, because of the flexibility of the classes, learners will have much more time than the traditional schooling system to pursue their passion. This means that students can chase their un-academical dreams and hone their other talents with the free-time they receive.

No! Never! Infact, there’ll be a conscious effort from our end to keep in check that the students never get exhausted or tired with the learning process. The entire syllabus and method of teaching is designed to keep the learner hooked to the learning process.

English. The other languages including Arabic, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi will all be taught as additional languages.

No! Never! For primary kids daily academia will be limited to 3 hours and 2 hours for kindergarten learners, that too, with regular breaks.

Don’t worry, there’ll be recorded classes for learners to always be on track.

Yes! We’ll have PTMs and the mode will be virtual.

Yes! That wouldn’t be an issue.

Well, That’s a broad question, let’s just say that education is evolving and this is definitely going to be the future within this decade. Virtual schools are for sure going to be almost identical with the number of physical schools.

Do you have any other questions that’s not listed here?

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