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At IVSL it’s values and vision that hold the dream together, that constructs our structure. Hence, our system is idea-centered. It stems from an intense desire to change the narratives of education that we have experienced so far. 

Through careful and detailed planning, IVSL has crafted 5 core elements that weave our structure together, the Linchpin elements.  ideas are what takes us forward through the hustles of making a dream happen, and we impart the same ideas to our students for strengthening their core element. 

Our Linchpin Elements






IVSL roots from a vision, reinventing educational methods. We believe that education should evolve and progress with time, at IVSL, our methods are crafted in a way to suit the contemporary time. The vision is to craft a new age of education where learning
is innovative and flexible.

At IVSL, proactiveness takes a dominant role, similar to our educational methods, our entire team believes in and performs by the same rule. We ensure to imbibe the same elements of proactiveness to our learners for crafting a fruitful life ahead.

Creativity is the core of our educational methods, it’s what holds us together to perform our mission. IVSL has ingrained the exact similar elements of creativity in our syllabus and teaching methods to make sure that the learning experience creates an impact.

Clarity is a needed element to steer ahead in life, at IVSL we ensure that clarity guides us to be more innovative and compelling with our methods. We impart the same amount of clarity through our teaching methods for the students to steer ahead into a fruitful and exciting life of learning. 

Communication is what holds the pillars of an idea together, it strengthens and provides roots for the idea to prosper. This is our guiding linchpin factor which aids us in finding the right mix of balance. IVSL teaches the same importance of communication to our students through practical methods. By following the Socratic method of learning, thepillars of communication are strengthened here.

These are the 5 core linchpin elements that hold IVSL together. We make it a point to impart the same elements to our students through our teaching methods so that it will guide them ahead in life. 

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