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Martial Arts

Education should not just be limited to training the mind, it should be a uniform functioning of mind, body, and spirit. At IVSL, we believe in the training of the body too, to make the mind more multi-dimensional. 

Martial Art is a phenomenal form of exercise that enhances the mind too along with the body. Without just being limited to physical fitness, the forms of self-defense under martial arts will aid in nurturing the learners’ minds for other life-enhancing components.

Gains of Martial Arts

At IVSL, together with your regular academia, we ensure that the learner opts for an elective. Through martial arts, we aim for an out-of-the-box elective that’ll redefine the learner both mentally and physically. Through carefully designed timing schedules, the elective here will act as a catalyst for nurturing the learners’ minds. 

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