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Value-Added Education that remains with you

The Middle School

At this juncture, education demands for an entirely different approach. Added with individual attention, uniquely crafted works and innovative approach, an out-of-the-box exposure will be able to provide much more for the learner. IVSL aims for an ‘added approach’ with our teaching methods.

Our Approach

Learners at this age demand for Interpersonal skills, soft-skills, organizational abilities and much more. Through scientifically laid-out methods, we impart the right kind of secondary school education. 

Our Subjects include

Our syllabus is not just mere academia, it includes a well-crafted method for the learner to develop all the aforementioned skills and the right perspectives. Through the active participation of the learner, we make sure education is exactly value-added.

The Middle School

The subjects here are not just imparted in the traditional methods, through futuristic concept-based learning methods, the idea is to make the learner experience what they are learning. It’s the kind of learning that stays with the learner for a lifetime. 

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