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Pre Primary

Most in-depth learning happens at the earliest stages of growth

scientifically designed unfolding program for children between 3 to 6 years

The Pre-Primary Program Includes




The Pre-Primary Program Includes

Learning should always be progressive, something that is crafted for the future generation to digest and imbibe, to make a model out of. Pre-Primary age learning waters the ground for further learning, hence the methods and modules should be close to perfection. 

It’s all about developing that passion for learning. 

Our Methods

Learning happens at its best during pre-primary years, it’s a process where the child absorbs the world around in its impeccability. The Pre-Primary curriculum at IVSL is aimed at unfolding the child, to develop a sheer grip over the learning process. Based on International methods molded by professionals from the teaching world we follow age-appropriate, skill-enhancing, and activity-based academic methods for children to grow in the process. The whole idea is to nurture a base for children to grow up to what they should be, through stories, narratives, and crafts, our syllabus makes sure that happens.

The Main Subjects Are



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Designs

Communication & Language Developement

Physical Developement

Our Subject Side

The subjects here are crafted with all their impeccability, sheer perfection has been added to the course designing element for the child to grasp and develop a passion for. Learning is all about unfolding the child, the materials here provide the perfect ground exactly for that.

10 Students Per Class

Globalised Faculty

Ultra-Modern Methods

Mother-Teacher Method

Transparent System Aiding Parents


It’s time for your Child to experience a new age of Learning.

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