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Primary years are special, the age 5-11 demands the difference!

Primary Need

The learning curve takes a different turn at every juncture. During the primary years, the game is entirely different, it’s the time when one’s learning abilities mold to become what it is for the future. The age demands an entirely different approach, something that understands and develops along with the child. The Primary Need.

Primary Program

The IVSL Primary Program caters to students of age 5 to 11years. Through personalized methods and through the International Indian Syllabus followed in many GCC countries, it’s entirely the holistic development of the child that we aim for. The methods are woven in a way for the personal, social, and academic excellence of the child.

The Subjects

As already said, the subjects here are entirely for the mental and physical growth of the child, the overall development. One’s learning experience aids in transforming the person into what they really are, our methods and modules are crafted with that in mind.

International Indian Syllabus

15:1 ratio

Holistic development

Personalized training

Materials delivered

Instant progress-report

Flexible learning

In short, it’s learning that evolves and transforms. 

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